LLP 188: 4 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed How We Eat with Dr. Monique


Let’s talk about Ways the Pandemic Has Changed How We Eat …

In this week’s episode, we are joined by my colleague Dr. Monique May, better known as the Physician In The Kitchen ® who is a Board-Certified licensed Family Physician with over twenty years of clinical experience. She has over twenty-plus years of clinical experience, caring for entire families, from newborns to the elderly.

Dr. Monique is a best-selling author and self-proclaimed kitchen gadget junkie who loves to cook and experiment in her kitchen, which she lovingly refers to as her “lab”. Her first book, Meal Masters: Your Simple Guide to Modern-Day Meal Planning, is an Amazon best-seller.

Dr. Monique will be talking with us today to discuss some of how many ways this pandemic has affected our eating habits and more importantly will be providing us the opportunity to change those actions.

Join in for today’s show with our extraordinary guest, Dr. Monique May, as she discusses “The 4 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed How We Eat”

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