Damn that is a tough question with Dr. Nii Darko

Damn that is a tough question with Dr. Nii Darko

On this episode of Medicine Mondays we have Dr. Nii Darko, host of Docs Outside The Box Podcast to discuss why he felt is was important to mix business and medicine together. Dr. Darko is candid on how his medical school debt was stealing from his family’s future, the steps they took to pay off the debt and why it was important for physicians to take their financial matters in their own hands. Dr. Nii Darko, aka THE Doc Outside the Box, is a Board-certified Trauma Surgeon who is pushing the limits beyond medicine.

Dr. Nii is the host of Docs Outside the Box podcast where he features ordinary doctors living extraordinary lives with a focus on money, mindset, and mission. Dr. Nii is the bestselling author of 3,2,1 Podcast – The Beginner’s Guide to Building Brand Authority Through Podcasting, and he’s helped other doctors find their own voices through his popular podcasting course, 10 Days to Podcasting.


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