Succeed Without Sacrificing Your Faith & Fulfillment with Dr. Brad Bellard

Succeed Without Sacrificing Your Faith & Fulfillment with Dr. Brad Bellard

On this episode of Medicine Mondays we have Dr. Brad Bellard, who joins us to lead an important discussion on various topics including how we can be more effective in both are personal & work lives, why there is no such thing as succeeding without fulfillment and how we can work to achieve peak performance in our lives.

Brad Bellard (aka Dr. Brad) is a mindset & performance coach for men. He helps professional men become highly effective in both work & life, by prioritizing their faith, without sacrificing their success. Through his coaching programs, podcast, and best-selling book, he equips high-achieving men with the strategies to achieve life fulfillment and succeed in both their professional and personal lives by teaching them the 3-Step ‘ELITE PerforMENce Blueprint’: (1) Strengthen Your Faith (2) Master Your Mindset, and (3) Elevate Your Performance.

He is an Amazon best-selling author, national speaker, and host of the podcast and YouTube channel, ‘ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad’ addressing topics related to the spiritual, personal, and professional development of men.

Dr. Brad is also a double-boarded non-surgical Sports Medicine physician and Regenerative Medicine Specialist. He has worked with multiple professional teams including his prior service as assistant team doctor for the NBA Dallas Mavericks, and is a regular guest on the Dallas-Fort Worth radio talk show Inside Sports Medicine

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